Replacement Comfort Pads

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Our first model of penis pump, the Hydro7 is designed for simple, convenient performance and real results. As part of their effective design, our original series hydropumps create a seal using an attached Comfort Pad at the base, removing any painful pressure while still providing excellent results.

With these soft pads being used in water, over the years, the adhesive connection may deteriorate, leading to less impressive results. We offer easily switched replacement pads to make sure that you keep getting the same fantastic results from your Bathmate Hydro penis pump. While there’s only one Hydro series model on the market, the Hydro7 was formerly known as the Bathmate Hercules - the replacement Comfort Pads fit both of these.

If you’re looking for a more powerful option to enhance your penis pump workout, check out our advanced Hydromax series - with 35% more power (and a lot of additional features), the Hydromax is the world’s best-selling model of penis pump, with an incredible 92% of customers satisfied*.

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