Bathmate Trim - Deluxe Grooming Kit

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To get the very best results from your Hydromax, you need to trim your pubic hair somewhat - excessive hair can prevent the pump from forming a full seal. Manscaping can also make a real difference for your sex life, giving you a tidier, more attractive appearance. To help you maximise your size, power and confidence gains, we’ve created Bathmate Trim, a personal grooming kit specifically designed to work with any of our hydropumps.

The Bathmate Trim kit includes an effective, USB-rechargeable razor, as well as a full selection of combs and trimmers, all enclosed in a durable, discreet storage kit.

With the 4 included combs, you can select a cutting range from 3 to 12 mm, letting you get the manscaping results you’re looking for. For manscaping, we’d recommend using the included precision trimmer, along with the adjustable comb - setting 3 on this comb is the perfect choice for creating an effective seal with your Bathmate pump.

Though the Bathmate Trim is mainly designed for manscaping, it’s also a great choice for shaving any other part of your body (though we would definitely recommend using different heads/ combs for different areas).



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